Cooperating Realtor's Registration

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Procedures to be followed at all Keystone Homes New Home Sales Centers.

1. In order to insure credit for a sale, the Realtor should accompany their buyer into the Keystone Homes sales center for registration (completed in full). Telephone or fax registrations may be accepted but it will be the Realtor's responsibility to follow up with the Keystone Homes Sales Representative for full information. If the buyer is not with the Realtor (such as out-of-town buyer), or if the Realtor is not with the buyer, full registration information is still required. Full registration includes buyer's contact information: phone numbers; addresses (local & out of town); email address; and a document signed by client that realtor is representing said client for new construction or Inventory sale. Realtor authorizes the Keystone Homes Sales Representative direct access to buyer for follow up information. This agreement will stand unless the registered buyer is accompanied by a different Realtor into our sales office. Physical presence will take precedence over assumed buyer / Realtor relationship. An introduction to the Keystone Homes sales representative on duty is required.

2. The Keystone Homes sales representative will show the display homes or plans to assist the buyer and close the sale, if possible. The Realtor may assist in the process but it is not required. If more than one visit is necessary to close the sale, the Realtor is not required to return with the buyer on subsequent visits for up to 30 days past the initial registration. The agent must accompany the buyer in person at least once during the 30-day registration period. Extensions of the 30-day period can only be made with mutual consent of the buyer & the Realtor.

3. If a sale is made, the Keystone Homes Sales Representative will prepare all necessary applications, contracts, plan approvals, lender forms, etc., involved and collect same for lender's approval. Keystone Homes' staff will order title commitments and all
necessary items to prepare for closing. Realtor must only prepare forms required by the Realtor's broker's office. Only Keystone Homes' construction & sales agreement documents are accepted by Keystone Homes. No standard real estate contracts will be accepted in our sales environments.

4. All monies and checks received from homebuyers shall be made out to Keystone Homes Inc.

5. Prior to completion of construction, Keystone Homes will notify buyer, buyer's Realtor, and lender to set a closing date, arrange for title delivery, deed preparation, buyer inspection of property, etc.

6. Upon closing and receipt of final payment to Keystone Homes by the lender or buyer, Keystone Homes, through U.S. Title Company, will pay by check, the Realtor's broker a total of 2.7% of the final
sales price of the home.Payments are typically made directly to the Realtors broker at closing.

7. Keystone Homes guarantees protection of the buyer / Realtor relationship if all of these guidelines are met. We will not dispense of a Realtor's right to payment solely upon buyer's request, for any reason. Documentation, as stipulated in paragraph 1, will prevail. No home sold by Keystone Homes will pay more than one Realtor commission. Any conflicts will be submitted to the St. Louis Association of Realtors for resolution, not to exceed 2.7% in total commissions. All information concerning the Realtor's buyer will, at all times, be treated confidentially. Keystone Homes appreciates the Realtor
efforts and support in acquiring potential buyers for our communities, and we value your business.
Thank you,

Keystone Homes
Mark L. Mathis, Owner

Please print and attach a business card. Thank you.


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